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We’ve earned our reputation as one of the best limo services in Las Vegas and keeping that reputation demands the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We know that as transportation experts, all of us at Alpha Transportations are ambassadors of the city of Las Vegas. Our high quality vehicles, and impeccable service are the foundation of our company and we want each and everyone of our guests to feel well taken care of and leave with a great impression of Las Vegas and of Alpha Transportations. To make sure we are providing the best limo service in Las Vegas, we have a variety of fleet vehicles designed to fit your group and event. All our drivers and vehicles utilized by Alpha Transportations are properly licensed and certified in compliance with all Nevada state regulations. In addition, our vehicles are insured well above the state requirements. We take your safety seriously and will not just give you an unforgettable experience, but a safe and smooth one.s

Arrive Like a Rock Star

At Alpha Transportations, we have earned an excellent reputation for exceptional service and a wide variety of options we provide guests riding with us. Offering hourly vehicle reservations, point-to-point reservations, tours and transportation to all that Las Vegas offers as well as airport shuttle services, you are in good hands with Alpha Transportations. Our professional guest reservation experts will make sure that your right luxury vehicle is properly equipped to meet your needs, no matter the size of your group or destination. We handle all the details so you don’t have to. We are waiting for your call, so call us today to reserve your trip with Alpha Transportations. We are looking forward to making your Las Vegas trip stress free and full of fun. Your rock-star treatment is just a phone call away!

Rules and Regulations

Alpha Transportations is committed to providing excellent service to you. With a wide range of fleet vehicles to choose from, we have the perfect vehicle for your group. In order to provide you with the best limo service available in Las Vegas, we do ask our guests to follow some basic guidelines, both for their own safety as well as the safety of other guests and our drivers. Play by the rules and enjoy a great trip!

We want you to have fun but we strictly follow Nevada state law which states alcohol may only be possessed and consumed by guests over 21 years of age. Don’t make us put a damper on your festivities. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of our services without a refund, which will put an immediate halt to your fun. All alcoholic items discovered in possession of a minor will be confiscated immediately. Not 21 yet? Please follow state law and call us to reserve a night for your 21st birthday!

Life can be unpredictable, and even a trip to Vegas can need to be rescheduled. Cancellations are subject to the following fees: If a cancellation is requested after a reservation has been finalized with Alpha Transportation a minimum fee of $100 up to 50% of the total of the reservation may be charged. Cancellations must be submitted to Alpha Transportation either by email or fax. If notice of cancellation is not received by Alpha Transportation 72 hours or more prior to the date of your reservation, 50% of the total of the reservation will be charged. Cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled reservation will be charged 50% of the total quote. Not showing up for a reservation is not canceling a reservation. If you don’t show up, we will assume you got side tracked by a big win at the casino, or perhaps at a local tattoo shop getting a souvenir of your trip to Vegas, and we won’t take it personally, but this will result in the full reservation being charged.

Your mother may be one of your guests in Vegas, but she does not work for us! If the party has gone too far and evidence is left behind either on or in the vehicle in the form of vomit or other bodily fluids, a cleaning fee will be charged to the reserving party. Have fun, but please don’t toss the cookies in the vehicles!
Accidents happen, and we don’t cry over spilt milk, but any damage to a vehicle or its amenities caused by any passenger will be the liability of the reserving party. This includes damage such as, but not limited to, breakage of glassware, rips, tears or stains in upholstery or carpet, and scratches or damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Honesty is always the best policy, so we appreciate notice when damage or breakage occurs.
Partying can work up an appetite and we know it, however, in order to ensure our vehicles stay spotless, the consumption of food is not allowed inside of any vehicle unless provided by Alpha Transportation or unless prior arrangements have been made at the time of your reservation. Remember, we are your party on wheels, so we can always drive you to a nearby food truck, restaurant or even home to raid the fridge! While drinking bubbles is okay, blowing bubbles is not. Chewing gum is not allowed in our vehicles.
What would mom do? We know your mom may not be watching, but would she approve? Illegal activities, including the use or possession of any illegal substance are not allowed in our vehicles at any time and will result in the immediate termination of our services without a refund, which will in return result in the end of your fun night. Please know that although you may have been inspired by Walter White or Jesse Pinkman, any violent or dangerous activity or other illegal acts are also subject to the same penalty and although we’d hate to tattle, Alpha Transportation reserves the right to contact law enforcement authorities if necessary.
Losing something valuable can put a huge damper on the rest of your trip to Vegas. Please leave valuables secured safely at your hotel, not inside our vehicles. Alpha Transportation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you find an item that does not belong to you in a vehicle, please do the right thing and turn it in to your driver. Someone is likely looking for the item. If you’ve lost an item, including a friend, notify your driver and we will try to help you find it.
Utilities, credit card bills and car payments. You can pay for all of these after you’ve racked up charges, but fees for our services must be paid in full prior to your event, including a 20% driver’s gratuity charge, unless other payment arrangements have been agreed to by Alpha Transportation. If you would like more time added to your reservation, it must be approved and paid with the driver in advance and is subject to vehicle and driver availability. For payment, we do not accept IOUs, children or unruly spouses. We happily accept: credit or debit cards and cash. Personal and company checks are accepted, however, checks must be received within 10 business days of the date of the reservation to allow payment to clear by the date you have reserved.
Due to demand, certain dates, events and vehicles require a deposit with a minimum of $100.00 to 50% of the total charge, which will be applied to the total bill for the rental of your vehicle. Vehicle reservations that are less than $100.00 will require payment in full in advance. Reservations should not be considered confirmed until a deposit is made. A deposit must be given to make a confirmed reservation. The deposit paid will hold your vehicle and date and is not refundable except in the event that Alpha Transportation is unable to fulfill your reservation.
Where there is smoke, there is fire and Alpha Transportation requires all fleet vehicles be smoke-free at all times for the comfort and safety of all our guests. Failure to comply will result in a $100.00 cleaning fee and may result in the immediate termination of service without any refund. Remember, the night is yours. If you need to smoke, we will happily pull over to a safe location so you can step outside the car a get a breath of fresh air!
Plans change and we try to be flexible, however your reservation start time cannot be changed within the 72 hours prior to the date of the reservation and any changes are subject to availability. We need advance notice to ensure that we have the vehicle and driver available to you.
A 20% Driver’s Gratuity charge has been added to the final price of your reservation, however, our drivers always appreciate feeling appreciated! If we went above and beyond or if you feel like your driver was the cherry on top of your Vegas sundae, please feel free to express your appreciation with a little something more. Raving fans help grow our business, so tell the world on social media too! We’d love to drive your friends, family and co-workers!
At Alpha Transportation, we want to ensure the safety of all of our guests, especially those under the age of 21. We want to make sure that special occasions like prom are filled with fun memories and nothing more. Alpha Transportation is dedicated to providing a safe experience so your children and their their friends can have fun.on a special occasion such as a limo ride to prom. Alpha Transportation is steadfast in our commitment to provide safe transportation to protect your children, and your peace of mind. We hope you understand our zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking or other illegal substances while transporting our underage guests. At the first indication that alcohol or other illegal substances are being consumed by minors, at any time, parents will be immediately contacted and the transportation services will be immediately terminated without refund. Our driver will have the option of returning to the point of pickup or terminating the service immediately when the violation is discovered. We want your children and all of our guests to have fun, but we value their safety above all. We appreciate your partnership with us of this strict compliance with our zero tolerance policy and would encourage you to discuss this topic with your children before they begin their service with us.
There is so much to see and hear while you are in Vegas and we know it can be tempting to act like a rock star, but standing out of the sunroofs or hanging out of the vehicle’s windows can pose a serious threat to safety. These actions may be unlawful and expose passengers to unnecessary risk of injuries. Besides, the interior of our vehicles is so amazing, stay inside the luxxe comfort and simply enjoy the view!

Alpha Transportations. Luxury. Impeccable. Memorable.

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